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Umberto Giannini Flowerology Temporary Hair Colour Masks 200ml

  • $24.99

All the colour without the commitment. This dual-benefit, deep conditioning temporary hair colour mask allows you to customise your style without compromising hair health. The 97% natural formula locks in moisture, leaving you with a naturally radiant finish, great condition and a vibrant new look. These masks contain nourishing ingredients including Coconut Oil and Chamomile Flower Oil to moisturise and smooth hair for sublime shine and deep conditioning.

How to use:
Apply to clean, dry hair.
Step 1. Section your hair depending on its thickness. For a more concentrated colour use smaller sections.
Step 2. Apply the colour mask evenly throughout using a wide tooth comb to distribute the product. We recommend using a towel around your neck and gloves to protect your hands from the colour.
Step 3. Allow the mask to develop for no longer than 20 minutes depending on your desired intensity. The longer the mask is on the hair, the bolder the colour will be. For a pastel finish, wash out after 5-10 minutes. Rinse a strand to check the colour before final rinsing until water runs clear.
Step 4. Rinse thoroughly and style your hair as usual.

Rose Peach is suitable for light blonde to medium blonde hair.

Sweet Violet is suitable for light blonde to medium blonde hair. ​

Cherry Blossom is suitable for light blonde to medium blonde hair.

Mulberry is suitable for light brown to medium brown hair.

PLEASE NOTE: Temporary colour masks add temporary colour to your hair, which will fade out gradually over time. Final results depend on the initial colour and porosity of your hair.