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HAVE YOU EVER STOPPED, AND REALLY THOUGHT ABOUT WHAT’S IN THE MAKE-UP YOU USE? We think about the food we’re putting into our bodies, or the skincare products that we’re using on our bodies - however the make-up products we choose are often overlooked. Make-up shouldn’t be forgotten. People generally start using cosmetics in their teens, and during their lifetime their make-up routine changes frequently; depending on environment, occasion, ethics and trends. If you even think about your own daily routine, and how many single make-up products you use on average, it is pretty incredible. So, if you’re consciously aware of so many other aspects of how you look after your body, isn’t it worth re-thinking the make-up products you are...

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AND BLEND YOUR COLOUR INTO A SMOOTH SHADE. While touching up Regrowth may be the thing of nightmares for first-time home Colourers, who would typically argue that they aren't coordinated enough or they've purchased a Brunette box and swear when *they* apply it, it will come out purple — perfecting a fresh, glossy Colour and blending into a beautiful shade is easier than you think. While your dedication right now may be to covering your greys, or in my case, a hearty stripe of dark roots that are made more pronounced thanks to my Blonde ends, perfecting your Regrowth touch up at home allows you the freedom to touch up at the drop of a hat, to extend the time...

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Hello Beautiful Spring Eyes!

Hello Beautiful Spring Eyes!        Add a pop of colour to a classic nude look to create something new and fresh this spring!   Learn how to create this captivating sunrise look for Spring following these easy steps:   STEP 1: CREATE YOUR BASE COLOUR Apply Shade 2 of the Natural Wonders Eye Palette (light coral) all over the lid with the 14 Base Shadow Brush as your base colour. The velvety, creaseless formula of the eyeshadow will create a smooth base for your look and make the additional colours pop.   STEP 2: BRIGHTEN THE EYES Using Shade 7 of the Natural Wonders Eye Palette (salmon) with the 15 Blending Brush, start applying this shade all over the eyelid focusing on the crease and...

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How to Start Colouring your Hair, When You’ve Never Coloured Before Follow these steps to start embracing the joy of Colouring.  People who have never Coloured their Hair before have always been a mystery to me. I’ve always marveled at how Hair Colour can transform a person and I’ve always been intrigued as to why it doesn’t marvel them also. I don’t care the reasoning, I’m into it because it encompasses everything I love about Hair Colour. And as with any Colour adventure, we always have a plan to know what lies ahead. Keep scrolling to see the run-through for any first time Colourer.   Pre Colouring Advice Stay away from Bleach.Keep in mind, Semi or Gloss Colours will not...

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HOW TO GET THE NUDE LOOK!   The key to achieving a natural, nude look is to start by using 100% Natural, mineral make-up, and our favourite go-to is Nude by Nature. We love Nude by Nature mineral make-up as the range is not only 100% NATURAL BUT ALSO CRUELTY-FREE.  Formulated with beautiful skin loving Australian native ingredients with rose gold packaging, the brand exudes luxury and skin health.   There are a number of products in the range to create a natural nude look thanks to the earth minerals used to create the different shades, but today we are exploring the latest arrivals and our absolute favourite every day Nude look. Follow these easy steps below: Step 1: Start by using...

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