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What are Super Juices?

The new addition to your wash day that instantly improves hair health Does your hair feel weighed down by traditional conditioners or need an extra conditioning boost – Super Juices might just be the missing step in your wash day routine…   What are Super Juices? These water-based lightweight conditioning rinses incorporate juicy extracts and can be counted on to give you the deep conditioning power of a creamy mask, minus heaviness or build-up; instead, you can simply expect your hair to feel intensely nourished. They utilise smart water technology, that work instantly to transform the surface of your hair, targeting areas which require refortifying and resurfacing. The intense conditioning agents are encapsulated in water, these juices won’t leave behind...

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Barbie Blonde: How To Get The Hottest Hair Colour Trend

Don't have Blonde envy, unleash your inner Barbie with these Barbie Blonde variations you can copy at home. Barbie's back and we've been watching the beautiful Margot Robbie's promo tour like a hawk, enjoying her various pink themed outfits at each appearance. No doubt you know what I am going to say next — "but it's her Blonde that we're obsessed with". And it's true! Barbies bleached Blonde days are over, Margot's variation is a softer, Honeyed hue woven with glittered Golden tones that just scream star-power. So of course we're going to copy it, how could you not! But we haven't stopped at one, we've included a few Barbiecore Blonde Shade variations, all as glossy and bouncy as each...

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Getting a Good Nights Sleep 🌙💤

Are you having difficulty nodding off at night? Today, more and more people are struggling to get a good night’s sleep. From late night’s scrolling social media to not being able to wind down after a hectic day at work, or maybe you have little ones that don't sleep through - getting a quality good night’s sleep can seem somewhat impossible. Not getting your beauty sleep can leave you feeling tired and groggy the next day. More importantly, it can really start to take a toll on your physical and mental health. March 19th is World Sleep Day and Beauty Garage have carefully selected 3 top products to help assist you with getting some shut eye & wake up feeling fresh with glowing skin ✨ Dr Salts ...

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HAVE YOU EVER STOPPED, AND REALLY THOUGHT ABOUT WHAT’S IN THE MAKE-UP YOU USE? We think about the food we’re putting into our bodies, or the skincare products that we’re using on our bodies - however the make-up products we choose are often overlooked. Make-up shouldn’t be forgotten. People generally start using cosmetics in their teens, and during their lifetime their make-up routine changes frequently; depending on environment, occasion, ethics and trends. If you even think about your own daily routine, and how many single make-up products you use on average, it is pretty incredible. So, if you’re consciously aware of so many other aspects of how you look after your body, isn’t it worth re-thinking the make-up products you are...

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AND BLEND YOUR COLOUR INTO A SMOOTH SHADE. While touching up Regrowth may be the thing of nightmares for first-time home Colourers, who would typically argue that they aren't coordinated enough or they've purchased a Brunette box and swear when *they* apply it, it will come out purple — perfecting a fresh, glossy Colour and blending into a beautiful shade is easier than you think. While your dedication right now may be to covering your greys, or in my case, a hearty stripe of dark roots that are made more pronounced thanks to my Blonde ends, perfecting your Regrowth touch up at home allows you the freedom to touch up at the drop of a hat, to extend the time...

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