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PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver is an expertly created range specifically for blonde, platinum, white and grey hair. The range enhances hair colour and ensures best toned results with a unique active violet pigment that neutralises yellowing, brassiness and dullness.

PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver provides the ultimate colour care for natural, dyed and highlighted hair offering visibly brighter hair in just one wash!

PRO:VOKE Liquid Blonde is an expertly created a range of salon-quality products designed to enhance depth and warmth of colour for caramel, honey and golden blonde hair in just one wash!

Over time beautiful blonde hair can loose it’s sparkle and fresh out of the salon look, so blonde experts PRO:VOKE have brought you their first colour depositing and maintenance hair care range for beautiful warm blonde hair. With a combination of warming golden pigments and gloss intensifying conditioner, this is the ideal range to prolong those salon visits.

Also available at selected New World, Pak n Save stores and pharmacies nationwide.

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