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My Hairdresser specialises in salon quality at home Hair Colour and Hair Colour Remover. My Hairdresser keeps Hair Care simple and straight forward so beautiful, superior hair to be achievable and accessible to everyone. We believe you are better than, and deserve more, than a supermarket box colour. My Hairdresser colours and developers are sold separately so you can achieve the colour you want. Choose from the large range of brilliant and vibrant colours, or mix and match to create your own custom colours.


Permanent Hair Colour including Naturals, Chocolates and Vibrants. My Hairdresser Colours are jam packed with amazing features to deliver an incredible Colour experience. Each Colour incorporates the latest Colour technologies and Natural conditioning agents, including a base of pure Olive Oil, that leaves your Hair feeling healthy and refreshed.


Developer is a Hair Colour's best friend. They need to be mixed together to activate your Hair Colour. Our Developers are available in 4 different strengths that will lift, or lighten, your Hair. The stronger the Developer, the greater the lift. No Lift Developer is the exception, as it has little strength, cannot lift and is used to Colour from light to dark.


The first of its kind, our Hair Colour Remover removes Permanent Hair Colour without Bleach, returning you to your Natural Colour. Colour Remover contains breakthrough technology and high performance ingredients that combine to keep your Hair protected, leaving it shiny and healthy.

Also available from selected pharmacies and hair salons nationwide.  Phone 0508 734 466 for queries and support on the My Hairdresser range.


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