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Marzena BodyCare Products, Inc. is an international company dedicated to providing you with the most economical, easy-to-use, and most time-saving women’s and men’s home hair removal products.

Launched in New Zealand in 1987, the company has rapidly grown to become a leading international brand. We’ve introduced a number of hair removal breakthroughs, starting with Natural Wax Strips and Hair Growth Inhibitor Serum. We offer a full range of high quality depilatory products for all your hair removal needs.

Unlike many other leading depilatory brands on the market who are subsidiaries of major conglomerates, all we do and all we focus on is hair removal. Marzena is dedicated to ongoing research and development to ensure we have the most creative and innovative home hair removal products.

We apply the latest technology blended with the use of natural products where ever possible. There never has been or ever will be any animal testing used for any of our products.

Marzena is sold in many continents across the world including;-The United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, North America, The Middle East, South East Asia, South Pacific Islands, Australia, and New Zealand.