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GO2 Essential Oil Inhaler Sticks

  • $10.99

When inhaling a G02 blend, odour molecules are released. The olfactory receptors in our nose are activated and send electrical signals to the higher regions in our brain, the neocortex and limbic system. The limbic system then sends messages to the hypothalamus, the area of the brain which through the pituitary gland sends messages to other parts of the body. Different odour molecules will result in different messages being sent. The G02 essential oil blends are uniquely formulated to maximise the response for each described mood. For example, the B.CALM blend of lavender, bergamot, cardamom and sweet orange will help calm by assisting in reducing stress, working with your body to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) and increase endorphin levels.

ENERGY - a natural boost!
The GO2 ENERGY stick. I am the energy stick, it's my job to help support performance when your battery is running low, I am there for sports or just a plain old recharge. This stick will support with an added boost of energy. The 100% natural essential oil blend consists of EUCALYPTUS, which is uplifting and promotes clear breathing, PEPPERMINT, which stimulates and aids focus, and LEMONGRASS, which helps combat feelings of fatigue.

FOCUS - reach your goals!

The FOCUS stick. It’s my job to help with concentration and keeping you on the ball, allowing your brain to work with 100% clarity. If you are sitting in front of a computer, studying, or simply need to be completely focused during your favorite boxset. This is the focus aid for you. The 100% natural essential oil blend consists of ROSEMARY, which supports memory function, PEPPERMINT, which is stimulating and aids focus and LIME, which is uplifting for both body and mind.

B.Calm - find your inner peace!
The B.CALM stick. It’s my job to be there for those ‘can’t do this’ moments, I promote complete inner peace and together we kick stress and nerves away. Together we’ve got this. The 100% natural essential oil blend consists of CARDAMOM, which promotes the feeling of calmness and warmth, LAVENDER, which is relaxing and soothing to body and mind, BERGAMOT, helping to promote an inner calm, and SWEET ORANGE, which is deeply relaxing and promotes well-being.

SLEEP - sweet dreams!
The GO2 SLEEP stick will help promote your quality of sleep, assisting to help give you a deeper and better sleep. The 100% natural essential oil blend consists of LAVENDER, which is relaxing and soothing to body and mind, RED MANDARIN, which supports a restful sleep, and FRANKINCENSE, which promotes a sense of inner peace and contentment.

How to use
Twist cap to unlock all the goodness, hold your inhaler stick close under your nose always holding it upright. Ensure the holes at the base of the stick are not being covered as this will stop air flow through the stick. Hold opposite nostril closed, inhale slowly and deeply. Repeat on the other nostril.
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