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Q+A Niacinamide Exfoliating Cleanser 125ml

  • $16.99

With this calming and gentle exfoliating cleanser, expect your healthiest complexion yet! Perfect for stressed and blemish-prone skin types, the blend of Niacinamide, Inulin and Fructose protect your skin against irritation and sensitivity, whilst promoting good bacteria and clear, calm skin.

Benefits - Anti-Aging, Calming, Pore minimising, Skin Firmness & Hydration 

    Skin Type - Oily, Stressed, Dry, Sensitive, Normal & Combination 


      1. Apply gently with warm water to clean your skin.
      2. Rinse clean.
      3. Use morning and night.

      94.5% Natural Formula. Cruelty-Free. Alcohol-Free. Fragrance-Free. Vegan-friendly 

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