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Q+A Zinc PCA Moisturiser 75ml

Q+A Zinc PCA Moisturiser 75ml

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Designed to tackle the concerns of oily, blemish-prone and combination skin without missing out on essential moisture, our Zinc PCA Daily Moisturiser helps to minimise pore size, calm angry blemishes, and provide antioxidants to keep your skin looking bright and clear.

How does it help?

  • Anti-Aging 
  • Calming 
  • Pore Minimising 
  • Collagen Boosting 
  • Skin Firmness
  • Hydration 

Skin type:

  • Oily 
  • Stressed 
  • Dry
  • Normal
  • Combination 

How do I use the Zinc PCA Daily Moisturiser? Apply to clean skin, morning and night.

97.5% Natural Formula. Cruelty-Free. Alcohol-Free. Fragrance-Free. Vegan-friendly