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My Hairdresser Colour Cocktail - The Milk Chocolate

My Hairdresser Colour Cocktail - The Milk Chocolate

  • $49.98

Like a fresh scoop of creamy Chocolate gelato, my dewy Brunette blend has the perfect measure of glowing Warmth and light-as-air Light Brown pigments thanks to my 1/2 x 5 Light Brown and 1/2 x 5.53 Chocolate Brown while my conditioning Colour formula keeps your Hair soft and super glossy.

Suits: Warm Skin Tones

What's included?

1 x 60g 5 Light Brown Colour.
1 x 60g 5.53 Chocolate Brown Colour.
2 x Pair of Disposable Gloves.

Mix either with No Lift Developer or 20 Vol Developer - Always use with My Hairdresser developer.

Click on the link to the article how to mix colours: 

How to mix 2 hair colours together

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