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MOR Marshmallow Spa Overnight Foot Balm 250ml

MOR Marshmallow Spa Overnight Foot Balm 250ml

  • $57.99

The Marshmallow textured linen box is decorated with a floral pattern, inspired by a classical beautiful English Rose Garden with a touch of Victoriana, and gold foiled for a luxurious feel.

Envelop your feet in a luxurious embrace and experience enhanced moisturisation with our visibly revitalising Overnight Foot Balm and Sockettes. Indulge in the opulent blend of Cacao and Shea Butters that leaves your feet feeling nourished and revitalised. Enriched with Marshmallow, Mango and Peach Extracts and swirled with Glycolic and Citric Acids, this Overnight Balm will leave feet feeling soft, renewed and silky smooth.

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