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Boost Lab CicaPlus Repair Serum 30ml

  • $44.95

  • Calms redness & irritation with Centella Asiatica (a.k.a. Cica). 
  • Strengthens your skin's natural barrier. 
  • Locks in moisture for deep, long-lasting hydration with Hyaluronic Acid & Squalana. 
  • Includes pre-and postbiotics to help balance the skin's microbiome. 
  • Reduces visible signs of angry skin.


  1. Thoroughly cleanse your skin and gently pat dry.
  2. Apply one to two drops of CicaPlus Repair Serum to your fingers and rub together to ensure an even layer before patting the serum directly onto your problem areas.
  3. Wait a moment for the serum to absorb and layer additional serums in order of consistency (from thinnest to thickest). Follow with your preferred moisturiser and sunscreen.

No sulphates, parabens, fragrances & cruelty free

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