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7th Heaven Pamper & Party Gift Set

7th Heaven Pamper & Party Gift Set

  • $42.50

Treat yourself or someone special with our Pamper and Party Face Mask Bundle. It's the perfect me-time treat for any occasion! The ultimate pampering bag featuring ten of 7th Heaven’s best-selling face masks and a matching 7th Heaven microfiber face cloth.

- Dead Sea Peel-Off Face Mask 
- Pink Guava Peel-Off Face Mask 
- Green Tea Peel-Off Face Mask 
- Dead Sea Mud Face Mask 
- Passion Peel-Off Face Mask 
- Pink Cactus + Clay Peel-Off Face Mask 
- Cucumber Peel-Off Face Mask 
- Strawberry Cream Face Mask 
- Coconut Cream Face Mask 
- Chocolate Mud Face Mask 
- Cleansing Face Cloth

Vegetarian and Cruelty Free

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