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Q+A Vitamin A.C.E Warming Face Mask 75ml

  • $18.99

This antioxidant rich face mask is packed with your favourite Super Food ingredients. It brightens and rejuvenates your complexion, warming your skin on application, then turning milky as you wash it away! Highly moisturising and deeply nourishing, this honey-coloured face mask is for your most relaxing mask evenings yet!

Benefits - Rejuvenating, Brightening, Skin Firmness & Hydration 

    Skin Type - Oily, Stressed, Dry, Normal & Combination 


      1. Apply a thick even layer to your skin and massage in for 20-30 seconds.
      2. Leave on for 10 minutes.
      3. Wash off with warm water.

      100% Natural Formula. Cruelty-Free. Alcohol-Free. Vegan-friendly 

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