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Nilaqua Towel Off Shampoo

Nilaqua Towel Off Shampoo

  • $6.55

Ready to use, no water required – great for washing in low water situations and locations!

With all the speed and convenience of a DRY SHAMPOO and the cleaning power of a wet shampoo!

Nilaqua Towel Off Shampoo wets your hair, but doesn’t need any water or rinsing. Dirty lather is removed from your hair with a towel. It leaves NO sticky residue and you won’t believe how well it works.

To use…
Apply the liquid directly and generously to the area, massage to lift dirt and grease, then remove by thoroughly towel drying . Grease and dirt are lifted into the lather and removed with the towel (so the towelling is important).

There is simply nothing on the market that even comes close to the original and the best waterless shampoo available.