Chill Ed Stain Extreme Hair Colour 100ml

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Dare to be different by creating colour that makes subtle comments or bold statements! Chill* ed stain defines your personality and passion for colour. Use a single colour to state your case, combine colours to declare your individuality or experiment by cocktailing for the ultimate freedom of expression, or mix it up with our miraculous mixer/toner for dazzling pastels. Let your personality shine through with 10 vivacious ammonia-free shades that last for up to 20 shampoos and create an unlimited palette of self-styled hues that define your individual approach to colour!

Be more than a hair colourist, be a hair artist. Be more than a number, be an individual. 

All Ed stain colours are intermixable and can last for anywhere between 10-20 shampoos. (This does depend on the condition and porosity of the hair). Vibrant and dramatic results can be expected on pre-lightened hair, and more subtle tones on natural locks. Each colour stains the hair cuticle layer while conditioning and increasing shine and lustre.  Use mixer/toner to take away gold or brassy overtones on blonde hair (it really works!). You will find your hair feels fab after using Ed stain colour.

Style as you want, all Chill* Ed stain colour is ammonia free

Directions for use: After testing the colour result on a strand of hair, wash hair with your normal shampoo, then towel dry. Squeeze Ed Stain box into a bowl. Using a tint brush, apply product evenly to the hair, being careful not the stain the scalp. Keep the colour away from the skin at the hairline and nape. Comb the colour through the hair using a wide tooth comb. Lighter shades will require more combing. Processing will take between 15 – 30 mins. Rinse hair thoroughly away from the face using warm water until all residues have been removed and the water runs clear. Shampoo and condition.