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Chill Ed Blonde Moisturising Conditioner

Chill Ed Blonde Moisturising Conditioner

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The Ultimate Blonde

Whether you have coloured, bleached or naturally very light hair, caring for your blonde locks can be hard work.

Blonde hair can be porous which means even environmental factors can alter the colour; the key to beautiful blonde hair is for it to be kept clean, bright and fresh. That is why using the tonal qualities of the ultimate blonde range in Chill will give you the fresh youthful look you desire on a daily basis ……. Available in shampoo and conditioner from 200ml to 1 litre size.

Chill*Ed blonde colour conditioner is a moisture balancing conditioner that will close the cuticle and leave hair soft and shiny. Ed blonde conditioner with grape seed oil and violet pigments tones down yellow or brassy hair and helps to repair and moisturise dry damaged hair.