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HAVE YOU EVER STOPPED, AND REALLY THOUGHT ABOUT WHAT’S IN THE MAKE-UP YOU USE? We think about the food we’re putting into our bodies, or the skincare products that we’re using on our bodies - however the make-up products we choose are often overlooked. Make-up shouldn’t be forgotten. People generally start using cosmetics in their teens, and during their lifetime their make-up routine changes frequently; depending on environment, occasion, ethics and trends. If you even think about your own daily routine, and how many single make-up products you use on average, it is pretty incredible. So, if you’re consciously aware of so many other aspects of how you look after your body, isn’t it worth re-thinking the make-up products you are...

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Hello Beautiful Spring Eyes!

Hello Beautiful Spring Eyes!        Add a pop of colour to a classic nude look to create something new and fresh this spring!   Learn how to create this captivating sunrise look for Spring following these easy steps:   STEP 1: CREATE YOUR BASE COLOUR Apply Shade 2 of the Natural Wonders Eye Palette (light coral) all over the lid with the 14 Base Shadow Brush as your base colour. The velvety, creaseless formula of the eyeshadow will create a smooth base for your look and make the additional colours pop.   STEP 2: BRIGHTEN THE EYES Using Shade 7 of the Natural Wonders Eye Palette (salmon) with the 15 Blending Brush, start applying this shade all over the eyelid focusing on the crease and...

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